For Love Sir wins Patrons Pick at Orlando Fringe Festivel

Patrons Pick is when the 2 top grossing shows at each venue get an opportunity to have an extra performance the last day of the festival. They are the most popular and talked about shows and its a really big deal to become a Patron Pick! I am so honored to receive this recognition being its my first ever fringe show! Here is another great review about our show!!

" My hubs and I had the opportunity to see this production on Thursday and it was every bit of beautiful, funny, heart-warming, and true. Tonight is the last showing and trust me, if you love theater, the military, Fringe, acting, or anything of the like, you must see Parnesha Ingram along with the amazing cast in the wonderful production The diversity wad phenomenal and the cast put their entire being into it". - Sara Vaughn Perry

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