The Reviews are in about the staged play "For Love Sir"

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

Since For Love Sir premiered at this years Orlando Fringe, It has received great reviews! See What people are saying...!

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The Orlando Weekly 2nd Review

“I sat in my room for about two hours contemplating what I just saw. My heart felt joy hearing the hope our service members had and my heart broke hearing exactly what happens to our service members from start to finish. I sat in my seat, shaken to my core with emotions that everyone so beautifully illustrated on that stage. Through the entire production I have never felt so deeply connected with characters. My dad served in the Navy and we know just how hard it is to remain hopeful when our loved ones are deployed. I lived with you. I died with them. The entire night made me contemplate even the smallest things that I now take for granted because my family is all together now. You have changed my life. What you create was not just art but in my mind it is perfection. I want to thank you for your hard work and dedication to bringing these letters alive. Thank you for preserving the memories of servicemen and servicewomen and their families. Every single person on that stage and behinds the scenes is a part of a bright future and I thank you for sharing your incredible talents with us. I could ramble on for hours about just how much every action and every word has meant to me but I’ll just end this with Thank You.”

If you haven't gone to see "For Love, Sir", then do you yourself a favor and go see it! I was moved by this production. The cast do a brilliant job of displaying the many emotions surrounding military life, and you can tell there is so much care and heart in every line of dialogue, as well as every letter given. Knowing that each letter was directly taken from or inspired by real letters to military members leaves me even more in awe. I am so proud of Mikaela A. Duffy and her wonderful team for their hard work and their success. They've created a smart, touching, captivating story that honors our Armed Forces, while at the same time reminding us to always hold our loved ones close and cherish our time with them. Congratulations Mikaela and company, and enjoy the rest of your journey! --- Ali Velerio

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